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CABG Code Table

Version 2.0

Table 5.01 Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)

Code ICD-9-CM Description Shortened Description

36.10 Aortocoronary bypass for heart revascularization, not otherwise specified AORTOCORONARY BYPASS NOS

36.11 (Aorto)coronary bypass of one coronary artery (AORTO)COR BYPAS-1 COR ART

36.12 (Aorto)coronary bypass of two coronary arteries (AORTO)COR BYPAS-2 COR ART

36.13 (Aorto)coronary bypass of three coronary arteries (AORTO)COR BYPAS-3 COR ART

36.14 (Aorto)coronary bypass of four coronary arteries (AORT)COR BYPAS-4+ COR ART

36.15 Single internal mammary-coronary artery bypass 1 INT MAM-COR ART BYPASS

36.16 Double internal mammary-coronary artery bypass 2 INT MAM-COR ART BYPASS

36.17 Abdominal-coronary artery bypass ABD-CORON ARTERY BYPASS

36.19 Other bypass anastomosis for heart revascularization HRT REVAS BYPS ANAS NEC